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Factual Promise

Gorgeous array of flowers

We promise an outstanding arrangement of flowers that will certainly melt your stress away. Flowers are good for detoxifying an environment. They are also helpful in brightening up the room. We promise to use no chemicals that may potentially harm the flowers or a human. This is to ensure our desire for the safety of our flowers and customers. Jean page florist assures to offer you a grandeur flower arrangement that will 100 percent bring a positive ambiance to the location of the event, or in your home, or in the heart of someone you dearly love.

Fresh and naturally scented flowers offered for you

Who wouldnt want to receive some healthy, fresh looking and naturally scented flowers? Flowers do entertain a humans eyes, but they also entertain our nose because of their exceptional scent. Jean Page Floral Boutique promise to offer you vibrant flowers that will transform a dull day into a cheerful one. It is a fact that flowers do increase a persons happiness, and it is scientifically based that happiness makes a person healthier. We promise to give you flowers that are freshly picked to ensure the freshness and healthiness of our flowers. We hope for you to live your life surrounded by flowers, so that you will continue to live longer and healthier.

Fast and reliable delivery services

We offer same day delivery (if you order before 2pm), and also ensure you that our delivery services are fast and reliable. We promise to secure your flowers and deliver to your house the flowers that you ordered. We promise to deliver our bouquets in mint condition. If you plan to be romantic or sweet and give your loved one our wondrous bouquet, then we will do the job for you and immediately deliver the flowers to the recipients address.

Excellent customer services

We promise to handle all your concerns and complaints, and listen to your suggestions. We do not ignore our clients. In fact, we prioritise them more than anything. You can contact us via phone: 01923 822321 or send as an email: sales@jeanpagefloralboutique.co.uk and we will be glad to share your feedback about us.