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Flowers are not only entertainment for our eyes, but also a huge benefit to our environment. However, it is important to take care of flowers so they will remain fresh and lively. Here, we offer guiding tips in taking care of your flowers so you will enjoy their beauty for a long period of time.

Guide and Tips to care flowers:

Put enough water in the vase

If you think that by putting a huge amount of water in the vase it will make your flowers healthier, then you have got it wrong. It is not beneficial, especially for cut flowers, to fill the vase with a lot of water as this will cause submergence for flowers. As they say, too much of anything is never good.

Change the water regularly

Once the flowers are on the vase with water, it is important to replace the water on a daily basis. This prevents the growth of bacteria in the vase that will ruin the flowers in the long run. So, better change the water every day for a healthy living of flowers.

Bleach the vase twice a week

Clean the flower vase two times a week with bleach or ammonia, for it terminates the bacteria inside the vase. Remember, bacteria will ruin the flowers if not being taken care of immediately. These chemicals are helpful in thoroughly cleaning the vase, but it is also important to remove the chemicals properly after cleaning so they wont affect the flowers.

Put sugar in your flower vase

Like humans, flowers also eat. Sugar is like food for flowers so add a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your vase and it will preserve your flowers freshness and scent. Feed your flowers regularly so that they will remain lively in your house and bring lasting satisfaction and happiness.

Cut the dead parts

Observe carefully if your flowers have dead parts, dry petals, or even a damaged stem. A damaged part will make it hard for flowers to absorb water, causing it to die. A dry petal has huge tendencies to damage other petals as well. Do not take those dead parts for granted or think lightly of it. You have to remove them so that your flowers can live longer than expected.

Sufficient sunlight for flowers

Flowers do need enough sunlight, but not too much. Do not let your flowers be exposed to the heat for too long, for it will cause dryness of the petals. Give your flowers just enough sunlight so that they have the energy needed.

Place your flowers in cold temperature

Cut flowers in vases live in cold areas, since they cant survive in hot places. Cold areas will make them more hydrated and alive. It will preserve the freshness and the beauty of the flowers. Do no place your flowers in a place where it is hot, instead always put them in a cooler temperature.

Avoid using cold water in flower vase

Cold water will slowly kill your flowers, so this is not a good alternative in giving your flowers a cold temperature. Cold water contracts the flower cells, by blocking the air pockets from drinking the water. Keep using warm water so your flowers will absorb the water well. 

Do not expose your flowers to chemicals

Scented cologne will only ruin the flowers. Flowers will die immediately if you spray any chemicals on them. Flowers are already colourful and scented in their own way, so it is better to leave it that way. Its best to take the natural route in taking care of flowers and to avoid using chemicals. Though bleach or ammonia is good for cleaning the vase, it is advisable to remove the toxicity of the product before you place the flowers in this vase again.